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Justin Whitaker has been teaching and practicing meditation since 2003. His studies took him to London; Washington, D.C.; Montana; Bodh Gaya, India; and Bristol, UK. 


While finishing his Ph.D. in Buddhist Ethics, Justin started hosting mindfulness classes in his hometown of Helena, Montana, nestled next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


Just as Justin experienced significant changes in his life when he started meditating, he heard from many of his students that it was having wonderful effects in their lives, too. 


One of these students was Bob Funk. Bob came to one of Justin's classes in January, 2017 with a passion for helping teens with anxiety and related mental illnesses. This was something he went through himself (just like Justin) and he found relief in mindfulness meditation.


After the January course, Bob came to Justin with the idea of Guideful, a platform for free guided meditations, Q&A podcasts, discussion forums, and more to ensure that every participant has a guide and a team of supporters.


Since then, Justin and Bob have been working to bring their vision of accessible, affordable, and interactive meditation coaching to life.