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Find your meditation teacher and start meditating.

Guideful deepens your meditation practice with a diverse catalog of guided meditations, teachers, videos, live meditations, and an online community.

Meditation Teachers

GuideFul has experienced and knowledgable meditation teachers from all around the world. By becoming a GuideFul member, you'll have access to all their meditations and teachings.

Video Tutorials and PodCasts​

GuideFul goes beyond guided meditations and gives members access to video tutorials (like "how to properly sit when meditating") and Q+A PodCasts where our teachers and guides answer your questions.

Live Meditations

Not only will you get guided meditations from our teachers, you'll also have access to live meditations streamed online for you and the entire GuideFul community!


Your meditation practice will flourish when you have a community to share experiences with, help guide you, and back you up. That's why GuideFul includes a collaborative online community for members to discuss their meditation practices and even share their own guided meditations.