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Justin Whitaker
May 24, 2017

Howdy from Justin, a Guideful co-founder


Hi everyone!


I'll keep this short, since you can find out plenty about me from the links below.


I am VERY excited by this adventure we're embarking on; bringing meditators of all levels together to learn, discuss, share, and grow. Bob and I have put in a lot of time and thought to bring together this community of teachers and guides and build this beautiful site and the forthcoming mobile app. Meditators are signing up via the IndieGoGo campaign and our ongoing outreach via facebook, reddit, and other means.


Our goal is to ensure that people who start meditating - keep meditating. Through our advice and support, we'll be growing a mindful community and a more mindful world. We represent a wide range of traditions, philosophies, and practice backgrounds, so we can communicate with meditators where they are.


It's a chance for us to give back as intermediate and advanced meditators and educators; and a chance for students of meditation to support that work financially - at very reasonable levels. Guides here won't get rich, but they all are supported for their work. We take the middle path between the ascetic monastics and the millionaire gurus.


Join us - via our forums, our free meditations, our facebook page, etc - and see what we're about.