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Justin Whitaker
May 24, 2017

Why Christians Turn to Meditation: Six Examples


The post is actually about turning to Buddhism, but "meditation" works just as well or perhaps better, as meditation or mindfulness is what these Christians are bringing into their lives. Here's an excerpt:


Julia is typical of one kind of Christian influenced by Buddhism.  She is a hospice worker in New York who, as a Benedictine sister, turns to Buddhism “to become a better listener and to become more patient.”   As a student of Zen she has been practicing zazen for twenty years under the inspiration of the Vietnamese Zen teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, whose book Living Buddha/Living Christ gave her new eyes for Christ, proposing that Jesus himself was “mindful in the present moment.”


This post and its examples should be helpful for Christians getting involved in meditation. There is no need to actually move away from Christianity; in fact many practitioners here and elsewhere will tell you that meditation (and perhaps some digging into Buddhist values and ideas) actually helps them to be better Christians.


This may ruffle the feathers of traditionalist Christians (and Buddhists), but as long as your heart and practice come with deep respect and openness, this shouldn't be too great a problem. There are a number of books, such as "Christians Talk about Buddhist Meditation, Buddhists Talk about Christian Prayer" that can help you dive deeper into the conversation intellectually. But, as with most things, the proof may be in how meditation/mindfulness changes your life.